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Environmental Policy

Peninsula Outdoor School believes that the protection of the environment and modeling of sustainable practices is an essential component of modern experiential education. Integrating these values within courses and program operations role-models a conscientious environmental ethic in both our staff and students. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a healthy and diverse natural environment and to place ourselves on the front lines of developing environmental awareness and a personal environmental ethic among all of our participants. To this end, Peninsula strives to:

  • Purchase and promote products that are the least harmful to the environment
  • Recycle, reuse or reduce teaching and program materials as much as possible
  • We will favor more environmentally friendly and efficient equipment products wherever possible
  • Practice the use of cross-curricular environmental topics and projects
  • Make efforts to discuss and review current environmental issues
  • Provide the appropriate environmental learning resources to students and other interested parties
  • Consider the environmental impact of program activities, decisions and operations
  • Work with agencies that support environmentally sound practices and model environmental leadership
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