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About Us

Peninsula Outdoor School is an outdoor education company headquartered in Nanning, China. Our products are adventure travel and outdoor education programs in destinations throughout the Southeast Asia region. Our trips and experiences are based on tangible outcomes; our objective is to give each of our participants real-world training and experiences. We use these programs as a platform from which to teach practical outdoor and interpersonal skills. Our curriculum is built on the belief that theoretical knowledge is of limited value if not complimented by the ability to perform skills well. We seek to turn our students into capable and conscientious adventurers and global citizens. To this end, our courses are designed to be hands-on and thorough, requiring student buy-in and willingness to expand abilities and aptitudes, often in the midst of new and unfamiliar surroundings. Theoretical knowledge is of little use if not put into real practice, specifically in hard skills like backpacking and kayaking. Our courses are designed to give students the time they need in the field to leave confident about their abilities as wilderness travelers. Workshops and practical sessions are intended to help students of all a skill levels to advance their abilities and to gain the confidence that comes with being able to do something well.

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