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Sustainable Farming Study

Sustainable agricultural is defined as use of natural resources to cultivate plants and plant products that support the health and wellness of the grower. In order to be truly sustainable, ecological support and recovery must match or exceed output. Many of the rural farming methods used throughout Southeast Asia represent this cycle of use and recovery and represent a lost standard of agricultural practice.

Participants of the Sustainable Farming Study will be given opportunities to travel to, observe and engage in these methods and to learn from their practitioners, many of whom have applied these skills for generations. Students will also use their time in the field to collect, record and interpret data to better understand how these methods could be incorporated into modern large-scale farming practices. Additional time and attention is given to the environmental factors, both naturally occurring and human-driven that affect agriculture and what can be done to prolong their positive properties and mitigate their negative effects in order to establish and maintain sustainability.

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