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Siem Reap Wellness Week

With its fascinating history, natural beauty, easy access and friendly locals, Siem Reap is quickly rising in popularity as a locale for health and wellness retreats. We couldn’t agree more. Since 2014, Peninsula has been sending travelers to Cambodia to experience the best the kingdom has to offer.

Our Siem Reap Wellness Week transports participants away from a world of pressure and expectations to a program focused on restoring calm and focus. Students and staff alike will be treated to excellent and nutritious local cuisine as well as opportunities to interact with Cambodian culture. Days are divided into interpersonal skills sessions, stretching and mindfulness and meaningful physical activity. Evenings are built around introspection and opportunities to take in some of Siem Reap’s excellent cultural offerings. The aim of this week is to allow overtasked students and school staff an opportunity to catch their breath, develop some new skills in a supportive environment and enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of Cambodia.     

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