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Shangri-La Trekking Expedition

Situation in southwestern China’s storied Yunnan Province, Shangri-La is widely considered one of the planet’s most beautiful wilderness regions and has been the inspiration for countless songs, poems, books and legends; and rightly so. Since its discovery, Shangri-La has become synonymous with terms like heaven, paradise, and utopia. The natural beauty of its mountain ranges, deep valleys and crystal-clear rivers captures the hearts of visitors and remains with them for a lifetime.

For 14 days, groups hiking Shangri-La will have the opportunity to not only explore these fantastic landscapes, but will also get to know the people that live in them. You will experience both the pristine natural beauty, as well as the traditions of the villages you will stay in each evening. A perfect blend of adventure and relaxation and an excellent fit for groups looking for a challenge.

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