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Malaysia Adventure Week

An opportunity for new and returning visitors to experience the best of adventure in Malaysia. Groups will arrive in the bustling national capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. After a tour of the city’s highlights the group will check into a resort located outside of the city in order to better appreciate the capital region’s stunning natural beauty. Following a welcome dinner and a night of rest, the group will enjoy a week exploring Malaysian jungles, rivers and mountains while taking in local food and culture along the way. Local guides will instruct students on Malay language and customs. Expert instruction will also be given in jungle travel, survival, terrain management and outdoor living skills.

Toward the end of their busy week, students will be given time to recover in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s colorful administrative center, before their return departure from Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysia Adventure Week is best suited to groups looking for a fast-paced active experience among some of Southeast Asia most beautiful natural features. 

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