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Lantau Island Wellness Week

Although Hong Kong is a famously metropolitan center, it is also host to some of Asia’s most beautiful natural features. One of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets is Lantau Island. Dismissed by many as ‘just the place the airport is’, Lantau Island is home to mountains, indigenous forests, sleepy towns and sandy beaches. These features set ‘The Green Island’ off significantly from its heavily-developed counterparts.

With this quaint space as the backdrop, Peninsula’s Lantau Island Wellness Week is a retreat-style week of relaxation and enjoyment designed with the busy international school student in mind. Primary focus is placed on equipping participants with real-world tools to help navigate the stresses of school schedules and the often-intense preparations for university and professional life. Students will receive instruction in emotional wellness, conflict resolution, nutrition and personal agency. Optional sessions on goal-setting, journaling and introspection will also be on offer. The Lantau Island Wellness Week is best suited for groups in search of an escape from the scrutiny and pressure of modern international education and an opportunity to plan and prepare for an upcoming challenge.       

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