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Hangzhou Wellness Week

Situated on the shore of idyllic West Lake, Hangzhou is one of China’s most beautiful and prosperous cities. Popular with travelers from around the world for its culture, natural beauty and proximity to major urban centers, Hangzhou is the ideal setting for a retreat from hectic city life.

Participants of the Hangzhou Wellness Week will enjoy time away from the grind to take in guide walks, comfortable bicycle rides and plenty of opportunities to explore the food and culture of Hangzhou and its surrounding areas. Workshops on mindfulness, teamwork and conflict resolution will be offered in tandem with sessions dedicated to nutrition, goal-setting and personal agency. Evening blocks will center on introspection and balanced wellness, aimed at recharging tired minds and regaining focus. The Hangzhou Wellness Week is best suited to high-potential achievement-oriented groups in need of focused rest and regrouping. 

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