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Chiang Mai Adventure Service Week

Northern Thailand is one of the world’s most biological diverse regions and one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourism destination. While the influx of travelers and tourism has benefited many of the region’s inhabitants, others – both human and animals – have not been as fortunate. The Chiang Mai Adventure Service Week allows students an opportunity to invest their time into improving the outlook and conditions for both the residents of Chiang Mai and the surrounding region and for some of the animals that have worked to support tourism and other local industries.

Operating from either a base in Chiang Mai or a riverstay outside of the city, participants will spend their days exploring the region’s natural elements through hiking, climbing and rafting trips and give back through volunteer work at local charities and animal rescue centers. Additionally, students will learn about the challenges of developing and implementing ethical and sustainable tourism industry practices that are considerate of local residents, endemic animal species and the environment. Local experts will present and facilitate training in Thai language, history and culture and students will be given daily opportunities to engage with local food and culture. The Chiang Mai Adventure Service Week is ideally suited for groups looking for well-rounded experience that balanced adventure tourism, meaningful service work and immersion in local culture.    

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