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Bali Wellness Week

Famous the world over for its restorative effect on its visitor and thriving wellness community, the island of Bali is fast becoming one of Peninsula’s most sought-after destinations. Following arrival in the beach town of Kuta, Bali Wellness groups will travel to Ubud in the island’s central region. Set among rice paddies and lush jungle, Ubud’s peaceful ambience will aid participants in decompression and deep rest.

Daily nutritious meals and light scheduling will help students and teachers to enjoy their time away from school life and to regain personal focus. Daily adventure activity blocks aimed at engaging the body are balanced by sessions for yoga, mindfulness and personal wellness. Evenings are set aside for exploring local food and culture and for group dynamics and goal-setting activities.  The Bali Wellness Week is ideal for task-oriented groups in search of structured retreat from the demands of international school life and an opportunity to develop skills to enhance both physical and emotional wellness.

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