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Bali Service Adventure

Bali, the mystical island province of Indonesia, is an ideal setting for a week of fun adventure travel and meaningful service work. Also known locally as the Island of Love, many Balinese residents are proud to have called Bali home for generations. Deeply religious and connected to their place of birth, the Balinese place much importance on observing local tradition and ceremony in keeping with their ancestors’ beliefs. It is among these kind and peaceful people that participants will spend their time in Bali. While conditions have been improving for many of the island’s residents, there still exist real needs in the areas of education, agriculture and environmental sustainability.

Students will base themselves in Ubud, a centrally-located town and regional hub for health and wellness. From this base, students will experience Balinese culture through sessions on local cuisine, arts and language taught by friendly local instructors and the island’s natural beauty through hikes, bicycle tours and whitewater rafting. Students will also be given the opportunity to give back through service in partnership with vetted local charities and NGOs.

The Bali Service Adventure is best suited for a group looking for an engaging student experience set among a laid-back, pleasant and peaceful backdrop.       

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