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Student life is stressful. More is required of modern students than ever before. Competition for placement in top schools and programs is a daily reality. Evenings, weekends, and holidays are often filled with extracurricular activities aimed at shoring up weak points and ensuring academic success. This workload can wear on students and the staff that support them, inhibiting learning and growth. Peninsula’s Wellness Weeks are structured retreat-style programs designed to help students and school staff to decompress from the demands of international school life while equipping them with tools and training to manage the physical, emotional and academic demands placed upon them. Each Wellness Week is built around a beautiful setting and balances relaxed scheduling with enough structure to retain program flow and attain determined outcomes. Workshops in interpersonal skills, conflict management, mindfulness and goal-setting are included in the week’s activities. The goal is for each participant to leave rested and refocused and in possession of a toolbox of skills to help them navigate their busy lives

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