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Peninsula’s adventure program objectives align with the independence of modern students with a broad array of options for outdoor skills progression, personal development and opportunities that enable students to build on existing skills or learn entirely new ones. Their program begins with structured teambuilding and group initiatives sessions and steadily introduces more challenges as the week progresses. Teamwork, communication and leadership skills remain a central theme throughout, allowing students to build autonomy and field test their newly-acquired aptitudes in a safe and supportive environment.

Outdoor adventure programs act as a springboard that encourages student groups to actively function as a unit in order to ensure success and achieve program outcomes. Time for introspection is built into the schedule and allow students to assess both personal and group development and determine how to progress.

There is an old saying that says, “Give a man fire, and he will stay warm for a day; teach a man to make fire, and he will stay warm for a lifetime.” In truly appreciating the natural world around us, we find ourselves drawn to activities and experiences that help us grow more comfortable within it. Fundamental outdoor skills are an essential stepping stone on the path to feeling truly at home in the mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers or wherever we may find ourselves.

At Peninsula, we have developed our Outdoor Adventure courses to teach these essential skills, providing a safe and practical way to try something new, develop techniques and build upon existing skill sets. We offer many different courses and trips, varied not only by location, but by the specific skillset taught in each. Areas of focus range anywhere from outdoor living – such as fire starting, water, tent camping, outdoor cooking, survival skills and basic first aid – to more skills-intensive areas – including cycling, kayaking, hiking, surfing and fishing. Throughout the trip students are encouraged to continually participate and challenge themselves, building confidence in their abilities and self-reliance as they progress. Whether you’re looking to find your comfort zone in the great outdoors or simply to continue to build on your experience, our Outdoor Adventure courses and trips offer something for everyone.

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