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Ready to take your adventure programs to the next level? Peninsula’s learning expeditions are supported full-length trips to less-travelled locations throughout Asia. Learning expeditions require pre-trip training and preparation and in exchange offer some of the most significant learning and group development outcomes for participants. Students receive professional instruction in travel and camping methods from experienced instructors and local guides who will accompany the group for the length of the trip. Expedition schedules alternate periods of paced travel and rest throughout to allow groups to adapt to the demands of an extended trip. Expedition groups will learn about local history and culture in addition to sessions on personal leadership, conflict resolution and introspection. The aim of each learning expedition is to transform a group of individuals into a high-functioning team, traveling and living well in their environment. Participants will leave with increased confidence in themselves and their team and a new set of technical and interpersonal skills that will transfer into their daily lives upon return to the frontcountry.

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