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Population: 68 million

Area: 513,120 square kilometers

Language Spoken: Thai

Geographically, culturally and religiously diverse, modern Thailand is a peaceful mosaic of languages and cultures living in harmony. A constitutional monarchy that recently suffered the loss of a much-beloved king, the nation of Thailand is known for its beauty, kindness and resilience.

Thailand’s history stretches back as far as the 12th Century, when the first recorded references to the Syam people were discovered. In the time since, Thailand has survived through numerous threats to its existence from within and without and has emerged as a thriving and forward-thinking nation intent on continuing its rise and improving the lives and futures of its citizens.

Thailand is one of the most biological diverse regions on the planet, with mountainous highlands and dense and lush lowlands. Additionally, Thailand has over 3000 kilometers of shoreline and 2000 square kilometers of coral reefs. These are home to hundreds of thousands of species of fish, insects, birds and animals, many of them native to the region. Thailand’s geographic features and enormous shoreline are also the ideal staging ground for travel and adventure experiences of all kinds and have helped it become a major destination for groups from around the world.

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