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Population: 5.5 million

Area: 719 square kilometers

Languages Spoken: English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin

Singapore, known historically as the ‘Lion City’ is a city-state situated on Singapore Island and 54 smaller islands. Since achieving independence in 1965, Singapore has established itself as a global finance powerhouse and a hub of cultural diversity and harmony. Although famously for being a highly-regulated country with many rules and restrictions, Singaporeans generally enjoy a high standard of living.

At only 719 square kilometers, Singapore is one of the smallest states in the world and officially the smallest state in Southeast Asia. With a diverse population of over five million people, plus a thriving tourism industry, Singapore has risen well to the challenge of using limited space to accommodate its residents and visitors. Although commonly seen as ‘one big city’ Singapore also boasts impressive parks, gardens, trail networks and green spaces. Its 193 kilometers of coastline and group of smaller islands have been developed to support the city’s thriving adventure community with its impressive portfolio of world-class events and activities.       

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