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Population: 30 million

Area: 330,800 square kilometers

Languages Spoken: Malaysia, English, Indonesian

Malaysia is a culturally and ethnically diverse nation with land and sea borders that connect it to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines. With steady economic growth and industry developments, Malaysia is continuing to establish itself as a respected regional and global force and example of a successful country with a broad spectrum of demographics coexisting peacefully.

Malaysia is classified as a megadiverse country with very high levels of species and endemics. Some experts estimate that 20% of the world’s animal species can be found in Malaysia. This biodiversity and its fragile have led Malaysian leaders to establish parks, agreements and regulations to protect species and their habitats while still allowing for stable economic growth. Especially diverse regions like Sipadan Island and Borneo are particularly vulnerable and have required additional support and protections to ensure their safety and longevity.    

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