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Population: 127 million

Area: 377,962 square kilometers

Languages Spoken: Japanese, Ryukyuan

Located on an archipelago of more than six thousand islands located in a volcanic zone on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan is a wonderful and fascinating country famous for its high standard of living, deep and diverse culture and penchant for excellence. The people of Japan hold personal agency and mutual respect as central cultural values, and the efficiency that has become synonymous with Japan come as a natural result.  Japan is the world’s tenth most populous nation, a feat in organization and resourcefulness considering the country’s landmass is roughly the same as Germany’s. 

Japan has taken its standard of excellence and applied it to the management of its natural resources as well. Across all prefectures are beautiful and well-maintained natural spaces perfectly suited to host adventure activities, field studies and cultural trips. Peninsula’s current offerings in Japan span from the snowy slopes of Hokkaido to the sandy shores of Okinawa and everything in between. This will be our fourth year of bringing students to Japan and there are no signs of the country’s popularity with our clients getting any smaller.

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