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Population: 257 million

Area: 1.9 million square kilometers

Language Spoken: Indonesian

Spread across 13,000 islands and two continents, the nation of Indonesia is home to one of the most diverse human populations on the planet and is the second most biodiverse country in the world. Half of Indonesia’s quarter-billion population makes its home on the large island of Java, which is also home to the bustling capital city of Jakarta.

Of Indonesia’s over 13,000 islands, only 6000 are populated. Many of the remaining uninhabited islands and their surroundings are home to an incredible array of fish, bird, plant and animal species. Indonesia’s geography includes mountains, rainforests, volcanos and 80,000 kilometers of coastlines. Approximately 60% of Indonesia is covered in forests. The ecosystems are under threat due to the economic and industrial development of Indonesia as it looks to support its growing population and improve their standard of living. Much has been done to preserve these natural habitats while allowing for the development of industry.

Tourism continues to grow as an industry in Indonesia, with travelers visiting more and more of the country’s islands to enjoy the local culture, history and natural beauty. The Indonesian government has wisely established and enforced operational standards to encourage the continued growth of the tourism and eco-tourism industries while preserving Indonesia’s delicate ecosystems.         

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