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Population: 7 million

Area: 2,750 square kilometers

Languages Spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

A cultural, historical and economic hub, Hong Kong’s reputation as a fascinating and engaging destination has endured throughout its long and storied history. Famous for its role as a financial center and busy harbor, Hong Kong’s impressive organization and infrastructure allow its 7 million citizens and high volume of tourists and visitors to make efficient use of its relatively small area.

With the bulk of residents living in densely-populated regions toward the south, Hong Kong’s New Territories to the north remain surprisingly wild and undeveloped, allowing for authentic adventure experiences: hiking, cycling, surfing, camping and rock climbing. Hong Kong is also home to world-class adventure events in sailing, surfing, trail-running and sea kayaking.      

With offerings in both frontcountry and backcountry adventure and a consistently efficient infrastructure to support transfers from site to site, it comes as no surprise that Hong Kong remains one of the region’s most popular destinations for travelers of all ages. 

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