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Population: 15.5 million

Area: 181,035 square kilometers

Languages Spoken: Khmer

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country very much connected to its roots. With over 90% of the population of the country being of original Khmer ancestry, there is a shared character across the landscape and large reminders of its Buddhist culture are scattered throughout. With its lush forests, red dirt roads, green mountains and high plateaus, it is truly diverse, and offers countless opportunities for exploration, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Caught in a civil war during the last century, Cambodia is also a very young country; around half of the population is under 19 years of age. As such, there are countless opportunities for service work in the country, from local visits and education to the cleanup and construction of housing for communities.

The Cambodia culture is one of light, energy and positivity. It is this strength that empowered the Cambodian people to rise from their troubled past into an exciting new era of growth and development as a nation. It is exciting to be able to help contribute to this growth in the form of tourism and service work.

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